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Coastal Ambassadors: Get Involved
Aerial Photo of a Coast

Make a difference

Achieve a certificate that you can use when applying for jobs or college/university placements.

  • Know your coast and become a Role Model

  • Promote the local conservation projects

  • Present to others and raise awareness

  • Support your local community

  • Help your coastal habitats and community


You must be aged 12 - 18 years

Help protect our coast

If you can spare 20 voluntary hours and want to help care for coastal habitats and species, apply for a place on our scheme. A great experience for future employer or education applications!!


What is a Coastal Ambassador?

There is a way for everyone to care for their coastal environments and the creatures that live there.

As a student, sign up and let us know which school you are from. We will send you a link to our online Coastal Ambassadors Programme where you simply choose one activity/task from each of the five modules.  Each module task is equivalent to 4 hours volunteer time. Once you have completed your 20 hours of work, you will receive a report and certificate that you can use when applying for jobs or college/university placements.

Coastal Ambassadors: Welcome
Nature Photographer

How do I take part?

1. Complete the sign up sheet (below)

2. Complete 5 activities/tasks via the online Coastal Ambassadors Programme (we'll send you a link once you're signed up).

Think about what skills you want to improve on and pick  at least 1 task from each of the 5 categories and record what you achieve and submit a brief summary with any evidence (photos etc) via the online Coastal Ambassadors Programme.

Having helped for 20 hours, we will send you your certificate and report. 

Coastal Ambassadors: Who We Are
Coastal Ambassadors: Meet the Team

How do I pick what to do - 5 task categories

Pick a minimum of 1 activity/task for each category to make up your 20 voluntary conservation hours.
You'll get more info on each category and what tasks are available when you log in to the online Coastal Ambassadors Programme. Here's a taster of the categories...


1. Know your coast and be a role model

For this section pick tasks that will help you gain knowledge about the environment, native species conservation and coastal habitats

Sign up 

To sign up, please take time to fill out the information below.

Once we receive your details, we will send you a link to the online Coastal Ambassadors Programme.

I have access to a computer,

Thanks for submitting!

Coastal Ambassadors: Job Application
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